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Our programmers have completed a beta version which is available for download.

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The Alumni Tracking database is the newest release of the IS Alumni database project created at Georgia Southern University for the Information Systems Department in the College of IT. The IS Alumni database was first designed for the IS Department and then the IT Department requested a similar product, as it was required by the ABIT accreditation standards to begin tracking alumni as a part of demonstrating program accountability. The Information Systems Software Development Group within the College of IT modified the IS Alumni database components with additional information fields and reports so as to make it a product that could be used by all departments within the College of IT. The IS Alumni database has been in use by the IS Department for almost two years. The Alumni Tracking database was deployed for the College of IT in September of 2006 and is now being used.

This project is supported by the Information Systems Software Development Group of Georgia Southern University's College of Information Technology. The ISSDG is comprised of students from the Department of Computer Science, the Department of Information Systems, and the Department of Information Technology.

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